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Good morning Year 5.

We have made it to the end of the week. Here are your tasks for today. I will explain these further during our google morning classroom at 9:00am.

Remember to send all completed work to


Today we will be estimating capacity. It is really important that you watch the video carefully before completing the worksheet provided.


Another Oak Academy challenge for you all today, follow the link below and answer the questions included.


In this lesson, we will revise the role of adverbs and focus on the importance of choosing precise adverbs. We will practise this skill and then move on to identify precise verbs and adverbs to describe the action in the opening scene. We will use these verbs and adverbs to write ambitious sentences.


Today we are going to investigate Anglo-Saxon Britain. Watch the BBC videos on the web link provided,

Research Anglo-Saxon Britain and complete the map provided in History task 1.

History task 1

During this time period we also think about the Viking invasions. All of these events in history led to the great Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Complete the following comprehension task:


Viking Longships Comprehension task

Transition task:

As we’ve talked about already your time in Year 5 is coming to an end and soon you’ll be in Year 6. Use this time today to complete your own Passport to Year 6 task. I have given you a template to follow below but if you are feeling extra creative why not make your own. Enjoy.

Passport To The Next Year Writing Frames

I look forward to receiving all of your work from today. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Take care,


Mr. Craig.