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Good morning Year 5.

It is our last day of home learning! I’m very excited to get back into the classroom tomorrow with you all so we can finish our last two week together as Year 5.

What a brilliant weekend…. England with the win! 4 – 0

Today I have a range of tasks for you to complete, I’ll explain theses further during our morning google classroom call at 9:00am.

Let’s get started…


Today in Maths we will begin a new topic, we will be exploring position and direction. It will be useful to watch the first video which recaps what you have been taught previously in Year 4:

Now, let’s look at your Year 5 learning. Watch this video about coordinates and position in the first quadrant, I will explain this further during our google classroom. When you have watched the video complete the worksheet provided.



Use this lesson below to compose the first part of an opening scene. You will need your previous work you have completed to help you piece together the skills you have developed so far. I know some of you have already started your opening scene, if so, use this opportunity to up-level your work and add improvements. I would love to see a before and after. Enjoy.


Look through the Wonders of Creation PowerPoint below:

Y5 Reveal-Focus-1-Wonders-of-Creation

This is linked to the Bible reading Genesis 1: 1-25.

The book of Genesis is not meant to be a scientific account of how the world began. It is a beautiful poem which tells us about the goodness and creative power of God. It also helps us to understand the harmony and interrelatedness of all creation. This is called the integrity of creation. People of every time, in every place, have been struck by the beauty of the world and wondered about its beginnings.

How did the world begin? Scientists are always searching to discover more about how the world began. Some spend their whole lives researching and share their results in books, on television and on the internet. They are always discovering more about our beginnings and the beginnings of the world.

Write a prayer or poem starting each line with ‘We praise you Lord …’ making links between the Genesis story and belief in God as Creator of all.

Once you have completed your prayer or poem, I would like you to Illustrate (draw) the prayers/poems for with your own drawings or select pictures from the internet to show aspects of nature. You could create your own poster or PowerPoint similar to the Wonders of Creation PowerPoint above.

I can’t wait to see your creations.


Let’s remember to stay active.

Try the challenge above. There are more challenges to complete on the YouTube channel for this video. You could make a table and keep timed scores for each activity.


For our Erasmus project we’ve been asked to see Europe through our eyes. Today we will look at our European family. As part of our project in class we have been doing a lot of different cooking. We’ve tried Greek food, Spanish food and even created a French café this year.

So today I would like you to create your own British Menu or Cook Book (with 3 recipes in it).

I’ll discuss this further during our morning google classroom call.

To get you started, research British food you really like’ things like fish and chips, Roast dinners.

Then create (using publisher/PowerPoint/word/ipad apps/pen and paper) either a menu of a starter, main and dessert or your own cook book.

I have provided a template for you to fill in below if you want a guide:

Menu template

Guidance for filling in your Menu

When completing this think about pictures, think about wording and think about keeping it simple for people to enjoy.

Again, I will explain all of this further during our google classroom call.

Remember we are all back in school tomorrow and it is our ‘Day of Many Colours’ so make sure you are dressed up in bright colours.

Why not remind yourself of our song for the day:


See you all tomorrow.

Take care,

Mr. Craig.