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Happy Friday Year 6. Well done for all your effort this week. We have loved seeing you all and look forward to continuing to do that. We will meet today at 9.15 am. Today we will be giving feedback on DT/computing. Don’t forget about the needle, thread and material that you need for next week.


More on colons, semi colons and dashes. Following on from the work we did, use the link below to review when and how we use these punctuation marks and complete the three activities. Please submit the section that you are asked to write out.


Something completely different for maths today. Use the link to access this BBC maths game. You need to complete the Place Value, Addition  and subtraction and subtraction and multiplication sections. If you want to do more that’s fine ! Enjoy !


Click on the link and watch this song. It contains the names of the books in the Old and New Testament.

Task 1

Use the images below and see if you can unscramble the names of some of the books in the old and new testament.

Task 2

Using internet research or a bible in the house, can you add some of the books that you have unscrambled into the bible bookshelf below ?


Today we are going to create a fact file on a north-east landmark of your choosing.

Examples of north-east landmarks:

  • Angel of the north
  • Bamburgh castle
  • The sage
  • The Baltic
  • St James’s Park
  • Millennium Bridge

Task 1

Research north-east landmarks on the internet to decide what north-east landmark you would like to focus on for turning it in to a squidgy.

Task 2

Once you have decided what landmark you will be looking at. Have a search for some interesting facts and images that you can use on your fact file.

On Publisher or Word, you can use the facts and images and put them in to a fact file. An example of a fact file is below so you can see what you need to include. Write your facts so that they are in your own words.

Make sure you choose images that will help you when it comes to planning your designs for your landmark squidgy.


Multiplication games

TT Rockstars

Logon and see how many you can get right in . . . a minute, 3 minutes, after 5 games, 10 games ? Can you improve your average time ?

Or if you have a times tables clock, you could practice that aswell.

Oxford Owl