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Not sure if this looks like Mrs Horne, Mr Knox or Mr Innerdale !

Thankyou for the work you have sent in so far. It is great to see that you are engaging with the home learning.


Something slightly different today, a Maths investigation all about numbers in pyramids.

Watch this video first to help you understand the concept. It has some really groovy music too !

Now follow the steps on the worksheets to see if you can solve the puzzles.


towers-maths-investigation answers


A bit of grammar work today looking at synonyms and antonyms.

Use this web link to access some videos and activities to help you.


Parts of a Webpage

The simple features of a webpage are:

  • URL
  • Banner
  • Content such as images and text
  • Hyperlinks
  • Footer
  • Menu

Use the link below to find out the function of each part.

Task 1

On a piece of paper or onscreen, write down the purpose of each part of the webpage.

  • URL
  • Banner
  • Content such as images and text
  • Hyperlinks
  • Footer
  • Menu

Task 2

Use a search engine of your choice to find some webpages containing information on North East landmarks.

Here are a couple of weblinks to get you going:

Insert a print screen or draw your web page and identify the different features of the webpage you chose by adding labels to your print screen or picture.


If you need some more things to do . . .

Creation Station

A great way to create, draw, paint and colour online.

TT Rockstars

Logon and see how many you can get right in . . . a minute, 3 minutes, after 5 games, 10 games ? Can you improve your average time ?

Oxford Owl

Logon with the username and password y6smst

Multiplication games