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Good morning Year Six. It is nearly the weekend ! Feedack will be on Maths today. Dont panic if you log on this morning and the link to join google classroom doesn’t appear straight away, it will be there ! Make sure you refresh your screen.


Just incase you didn’t get it, here is the answer to the maze challenge from yesterday.

continuing on from the work we did last week, we have another set of calculations to complete. Think carefully about the feedback you got last week. In addition, here are the things we picked out that you need to focus on . . .

Carrying on from last week, we are going to continue to practice different forms of maths calculations. Click on the link below. Please use the answers to self-check and find your errors.

From last week, there are a different form of maths that we need a reminder on how to answer the questions correctly.

Multiplying Fractions:

Remember when we x fractions, we x the numerators together and then the denominators together.

Dividing Fractions:

When we divide fractions remember:

  • Keep
  • Change
  • Flip

Multiplying Decimals

When we multiply decimals remember we move the numbers one place to the left for each time we x10. The decimal point does not move!


Remember when there are zeros in a subtraction calculation, we have to work along the number, until we get to a digit that has a value greater than 0.

Again, you only need to send in your answers and photographs of any sums you found tricky. That way, we can help.

Arithmetic 4a

Arithmetic Answers


Today we are going to be doing some work on possessive apostrophes.

Use the weblink below to find out about possessive apostrophes and how to use them.

Use the quizzes to help you understand.

Task: Complete the worksheet below on possessive apostrophes.



We are continuing to look at the bible in our topic on sources.

Use the worksheet below to find references within the bible. The easiest way is to google them.

bible references worksheet

Now choose five of the references. For each reference write down….

1 – What does the reference actually mean ?

2 – Can you give a specific example of what someone might do if they follow the meaning of the reference.


Better to give than to receive – This means that giving is the most important thing to do. You are a better person if you give and do not expect something in return. An example of this is when people give to charities, either those that are close to home are abroad. Even though they can’t see the person, they are happy to give, expecting nothing in return.


Get going with Joe  !


A great game to practice times tables . . .