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Good Morning year 6. It is great to see you every morning and chat through what we are doing. Unless you hear otherwise, please login for 9.15am. If you have connection problems or problems with the call, let us know so we can work with you to sort it out.

Feedback today is going to be on your Geography biome leaflet.


More work on percentages today, this time finding out how to calculate percentages of quantities.

Click on the link below.

Now use the sheet to practice finding percentages.

Finding percentages


Use the game to reinforce today’s learning. Remember you can increase the size of the number using the slider.


Hello Year, 6, both Mr Knox and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your non-chronological reports, linked to pandas. For your final session, we would like you to:

*read through your whole report and check for any final improvements, that you would like to make;

*then, practise reading the whole report out loud to an adult in your house;

*finally, choose a favourite section to share on Google Meet, starting from Wednesday onwards or record your favourite section and email it to us. Tomorrow, we start a new writing unit (Diary Writing), which is all linked to ‘The Windrush’. All will be revealed!


Today, you are going to continue your work linked to biomes. You will be writing up your notes from the different biomes. (Only write up the notes from 3 of the biomes.) Use the template that I have uploaded to record your information about each biome. Also, I have attached photos of each of the biomes, that you can stick onto the inside of your leaflet or you could use your own pictures from the internet. On the front of the leaflet, draw your own pictures to represent each biome.

biome leaflet home learning

Biomes Pictures

Click on the link below to see a model to help you with your writing.

Rainforest synopsis

Here is an example of a finished leaflet. Really strive to make your standard as good as this one.


Click on the link below for your task. Mrs Innerdale wants to stress that this work is to be completed over two lessons. The word searches are added for you if you finish early.

daily routine worksheet

Routine Help Sheet


Multiplication games

TT Rockstars

Logon and see how many you can get right in . . . a minute, 3 minutes, after 5 games, 10 games ? Can you improve your average time ?

Or if you have a times tables clock, you could practice that aswell.

Oxford Owl