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30 Motivation Monday Quotes - Funny and Inspirational Monday QuotesGood morning Year 6. Our last week of home learning has begun ! We are looking forward to welcoming you all back next Monday and seeing you on Google Meet until then. Tomorrow we will feedback on English and any other misconceptions.


Today we are converting from Miles to Kilometres



Extra ( Optional )



Today we are planning and writing part of the main body of the letter.

Plan the paragraph on housing – Lesson 19

Write the paragraph on housing – Lesson 20


This week in Science, we are starting a new topic, which is called Evolution and Inheritance. Today, we are going to be finding out about what is meant by evolution and how animals adapt to their environment to survive.

Click on the link below to find out more.

Evolution and Adaptations -You must go through this information before you start any tasks.

Animal of the Future Task 1b

Animal of the Future Task 2


Try this problem solving game . . .

Multiplication games

TT Rockstars

Logon and see how many you can get right in . . . a minute, 3 minutes, after 5 games, 10 games ? Can you improve your average time ?

Or if you have a times tables clock, you could practice that aswell.

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