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How you can celebrate a very 2021 World Book Day on Thursday 4 March! | National Literacy Trust

Happy world book day Year 6. Tomorrow morning we will be giving feedback on World Book Day work and any other misconceptions.


Something completely different for maths today. Use the link to access this BBC maths game that you played a couple of weeks ago. You need to complete the algebra, statistics and measures.

Don’t forget that this isn’t timed, so instead of just guessing, if you don’t know, try and work it out.

If you want to do more that’s fine ! Enjoy !


Today we are looking at the Eucharist.

Have a look at this version of the Eucharistic prayer. Have a think what the highlighted sections mean and why they are a key part of the Eucharist.

Eucharistic Prayers for Children III 

Now use the sheet below and the website below to find out the symbols of the Eucharist. Then try to see which Christian belief or value this symbols unites Christians.


Wheat – A symbol of Jesus as the bread of life. It unites Christians belief that Jesus is a key part of life, an essential element.

Symbolism of eucharist linked to uniting

What are the symbols of the Eucharist and what is their meaning?


How you can celebrate a very 2021 World Book Day on Thursday 4 March! | National Literacy Trust

To celebrate world book day in school and at home, we are going to look at After the Fall by Dan Santat. Use the link below to listen to the story. If you would prefer to read it, pause the video to read the text on screen.

Click on the link below to find some activities linked to the book. Choose at least two of the activities and send us some pictures of your world book day adventures. Please share your adventures with us by email.

You might also like to use this book challenge for the whole family . . . .

World Book Day 2021 – Book Hunt Challenge!