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It was great to see you some of you yesterday on Google Meet. If you had problems with login, please contact school. Here are some instructions to help anyone finding using an ipad for Google meet.

Instructions for ipad

9am sharp for today’s learning and maybe a few jokes or riddles ! We also have to sing happy birthday to Mr Innerdale as it is his birthday !!

Feedback today will be on the rationing activity and any other misconceptions. Please try to email work before 7pm.


Today’s Maths follows on from yesterday and looks at your destination. Watch the following sections and complete the sheets when prompted. . . Remember the activity part is an extension.

13:42 – 21:42Locating your destination
21:42 – 28:52Choosing your flights
28:52 – 29:29Activity 2

Airport-worksheet Day 2

Airport-worksheet-answers Day 2

Activity-2-Travel Activity-2-Travel


Use the video below to continue the work that we have been doing on perspective. Have a go at drawing their room or one of your own.


Good morning lovely Year 6 children. Today, you are going to be completing some work, which is linked to rationing , during World War 2.

Please click on the links below to find out more about your 2 tasks.

Rationing Activity 1

Make-Do-and-Mend-Question-and-Answer-Presentation (2) PPT

Make-Do-and-Mend-Question-and-Answer-Presentation (2) PDF

Clothes rationing Activity 2

(Please ensure that you bring your notes/research back into school on Monday 5th July. It is important that you remember to do this.)


Please log on to:

Go onto Beginners, choose the section called ‘Moi et ma famille’.  Listen to the presentation of the vocabulary for the topics  ‘Le Corps’ and ‘Le Visage’, then complete some of the activities from each topic.  There are also 2 worksheets to complete; they are similar in format.  Merci

Linguascope parts of the body worksheet

Linguascope parts of the face worksheet

Please email work to


Stretch that brain with some of these

Multiplication games with the favourite, hit the button !

Honestly, we are doing times tables types of games !

Some great books online