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Well Year Six, we didn’t think we would be here again. But as we are, we might as well make the best of it. We are in the process of rearranging your visit to Newburn and will let you know more once we know what is happening. We will be restarting Google Meets on Monday morning at 9am. Any problems with passwords, please contact school.

We have got a mix of things to do over the next few days. Feedback will be given on one topic every day. Please email the work in to

Feedback today will be on RE.

RE Part 1

Use the internet to research what is meant by the five pillars of Islam. Or if you’d rather watch and make notes . . .

For each pillar, draw an image that represents the pillar and next to it, write what the pillar means.

RE Part 2

Now you know about the 5 pillars, have a think about what effect following these rules has on the person, their family and friends. For each pillar, write down how the pillar will influence the person that follows it.


Zakat. By donating money to the poor, the Muslim will be more aware of the people that need help. They could feel more compassionate towards others and look for those in society that need their help.


We know how much you enjoyed this so have a go on any of the sections that you want.




Stretch that brain with some of these

Multiplication games with the favourite, hit the button !

Honestly, we are doing times tables types of games !

Some great books online