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We  done for completing the whole week. We are looking forward to seeing you today and even more excited about going to Newburn next week. Feedback today is on your transition questions and any other misconceptions.


Following on from yesterday’s maths we have a maths problem based on ice cream ! See if you can work out the answer to this one. . . . .




Today’s transition activity is about questions. You all have a transition day coming up. Make a list of at least 5 questions, more if you can, that you have about your new Secondary school ready for the visit or when a member of staff visits school.


One of the most famous quotes linked to common good is from Micah.

Use the powerpoint below to help you find out more and introduce your choice of tasks.

Common Good 2 PPT

Common Good 2 PDF PPT


Follow the link to the Scratch website. Choose one of the games to alter. Use the ‘see inside’ button to make your changes. Be as creative as you can.


Stretch that brain with some of these

Multiplication games with the favourite, hit the button !

Honestly, we are doing times tables types of games !

Some great books online